The Unwanted

unwanted intro illustrationThe Unwanted are the throngs of mutated survivors, most of them cast out of settlements and left to die in the ruins of mankind. Some survivors have gone through curious, and generally frightening, changes to both body and mind.
Rightfully feared for their grotesque features and erratic behaviour, these creatures are terrors of the wastelands. Under their animalistic exteriors there is nothing humane left. Their souls consist of nothing but a whirlpool of wrath, envy and bitterness.

The mutants who get banished from their tribes often find other mutants in the shadows of humanity’s ruins. These groups of mutants form packs and wander restlessly through the wastelands. They plunder settlements for food, weapons and to take grisly revenge on those who abandoned them.

During the last few years more and more mutants surface in society and these are either cast out or killed outright. The banished ones find refuge in the ever growing hordes. Driven nearly solely by their desire for revenge these mutants threaten to wipe out the last settlements of mankind.

This gang fights differently from any other gang in the wasteland. Whereas most gangs choose the relative safety of ranged combat, the Unwanted love nothing more than wading into the fray wielding crudely made, cruel melee weapons. This preference makes them rather ineffective with ranged weaponry. Luckily they make up for this with raw aggression and unrestrained violence.
The Unwanted hunt for Collision as it enhances their mutated forms in many, often unpredictable, ways.

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