Demo games at Scale Model Challenge 2016

29 Sep 2016


Scale model Challenge is one of the biggest Miniature Wargame events in the Netherlands There will be painting contests, workshops and events. And of course a day like that won’t be complete with Code Orange Games hosting demo games for Collision.

Drop by and try out Collision and see our latest developments.

Expedition Leader 3D render

24 Aug 2016

code orange games collision reclaimer expedition leaderHere he is: the Expedition Leader sculpt! With this guy done the Reclaimer faction is also complete.

Expedition Leader

Expedition Leaders guide survivors, not only in combat, but also in developing the settlements. They are often intelligent and charismatic leaders, both on the battlefield and in the council. These leaders organize the expeditions into the deadly city ruins in order to gather Collision and other necessary resources.
Expedition Leaders are hard men who have a lot of experience surviving the horrors of the ruins. They do their utmost best to keep their people safe but also know when to make the hard decisions, the few are sacrificed in order to save the many.

Most Expedition Leaders come from police or military backgrounds and possess tactical acumen. They lead their fellow Reclaimers in battle and expect their orders to be followed to the letter. They inspire their men to push themselves past their limits in order to excel on the battlefield.
Expedition Leaders go into battle armoured and are skilled warriors, both at ranged as at close combat. This, combined with their leadership abilities, make the Reclaimers a versatile and capable fighting force.

The Expedition Leader concept art

16 Aug 2016
code orange games collision reclaimer expedition leader concept

Time for some more concept art for our talented artist Benoit Audibert. We would like to introduce the last model for the reclaimer faction; the Expedition Leader! He will be wielding an assault rifle, a sword and light armor. This makes him a very versatile warrior.

Winners of a free Collision model

10 Aug 2016


This is where you’ve all been waiting for; we are announcing the winners of our Facebook competition!

First off we were amazed by the many likes, comments and shares! Thank you all for that.

The Unwanted have won this war. Most people have voted on them, but the Reclaimers will be back…

We had a really hard time selecting winners from all these great, funny and crazy comments. That’s why we decided to add 2 extra winners bigsmile

The winner for the Reclaimers is: Raylee Freeman

The winner for the Unwanted is: Johnny Frandsen

The winner for the best gang recruiter is: Drew Wood

The bonus winners are: Alex McCutcheon and Michel Plokker

Winners, please sent us your address with a personal Facebook message.