Backstory Reclaimers

02 Aug 2016


Shortly after the Blackout survivors formed groups to protect themselves from rivals, mutants and predators prowling the ruins of humanity. As these groups grew and stabilized they started (re)building settlements. At this time it became apparent how very dependent the survivors were on energy in order to keep using their machines and electronics.
Times were difficult and it looked as if these bulwarks of civilisation would fall into barbarism without the use of their devices. However, with the discovery of Collision shards, these settlements found they were able to run their devices again by means of jury-rigged particle accelerators called Colliders. Suddenly these settlements had a chance to live and possibly prosper.
It quickly became apparent that the Reclaimers would need a lot of Collision to keep their settlements operational. Within a period the Collision shards in the vicinity had been used up and Reclaimers had to organize expeditions deeper into the ruins. These turned out to be extremely dangerous. Not only were the ruins dangerous, with collapsing walls and hidden pits, but the Reclaimers had to fight to survive. Be it rival gangs, mutants or unspeakable horrors, everyone and everything seemed bent on destroying them.

Reclaimers owe their name to their ability to use stripped and scavenged parts to repair their Colliders and weaponry. They are ordinary men and women struggling to survive in a hostile world.
All Reclaimers have undergone basic combat training, often directly from their Expedition Leader. They train in conventional warfare using a selection of firearms, making them sufficiently effective in firefights. They are trained for mid-range firefights and basic combat tactics, but their greatest asset is their resourcefulness: Reclaimers make the best of any situation.

The Reclaimers fight hard for their loved ones and risk their lives so their settlements can prosper. With the Colliders up and running, the settlements are growing steadily.
Reclaimers have recently started trading with other settlements, slowly giving rise to a careful hope of a new future, for the first time since the Blackout.


The Unwanted Hatemonger is here!

02 Aug 2016

The Unwanted Hatemonger is here! This big bad monster whips the rest of the Unwanted in a killing frenzy. He is armed with a nasty looking claw to rip his opponent to pieces during close combat, and a hand held flamer to toast anybody who comes near him.

With the Unwanted faction now done, we will be showing you more stuff of the Reclaimers soon!


Another update of our new demo table

02 Aug 2016

Time for another update of our new demo table! The basis for the buildings are done, they just need some detailing now! We like to hear what you guys think, any tips or ideas?

code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-6 code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-5 code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-4 code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-3 code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-2 code-orange-games-collision-demotable-wip-1