code-orange-games-collision-nyxAfter the collapse life was hard for all, yet is was even harder for the women. Cultural pressure had forced many of them into a subservient position and as such many of them lacked any fighting skills. This made them easy prey for gangs, slavers and all forms of monstrosities, both in human and non-human form.

Many women lost their lives in the early years after the collapse, some lost only their minds. But most of the survivors learned to cope, their spirit was not broken but strengthened by all this hardship. Groups of brave, empowered women rose up; they cast off any preconceptions of what females could or couldn’t do and built their own settlements. The women in these communities found an inner strength and mental resilience through their new-found freedom.

Within their communities an ideal grew, a Utopic vision of a world run and controlled by women. They would have the vision, wisdom and strength to bring back civilisation. A world ruled by empowered women would usher in an age of prefect harmony among humanity.

Such an ideal would not rise by itself, it would need hard work and, as the leaders of these communities knew, could not happen without bloodshed.

So the Nyx were born, an elite force of women soldiers. Named after an old goddess of the Night, a goddess presumably feared by even the divine overlord himself, these women follow her example and fight uncompromisingly and preferably in the dark.

The Nyx see violence as a means to their ends, a way to fulfil their dream of a matriarchical Utopia. These women live only to train and fight. Being fully aware of their physical limitations and their capabilities they focus on developing their strengths to the fullest.

The Nyx have developed a unique form of martial arts which focusses solely on skill, speed and agility. They consider physical strength a mark of the brutes and bullies, and have little respect for those who require brawn to get what they need.

Women of the Nyx are masters of guerrilla tactics; they will use infiltration, diversions an any form of manipulation required to achieve their goals.

The settlements protected by the Nyx are fully independent of other villages or allies. They expand their influence through the elimination of those they perceive as threats and the gathering of Collision. Although they are hardly reliant on Collision, the Nyx settlements gather as much of it as possible in order to weaken other gangs and wield their supremacy over them.

Recently a realisation has come upon the leaders of the Nyx: They no longer dream of their Utopia, they are building it.

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